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Letter Bomb

Dropping a letter in the mail.

Pattern Recognition IX

PATTERN RECOGNITON IX 1 of 9 small “happy” pieces for the Fractured Minds show coming soon to 111 Minna Gallery.

For Them Forgotten

I’m going through my scans collecting images for one of two books coming out later this year, and I don’t think I posted this.  It’s a close up of one of my paintings from the “For the Forgotten” show I had a Zerofriends this past Sept.   I didn’t get a chance to photograph those […]


Hitting the sketchbook while waiting for stuff to dry.

Fractured Minds

Stack of 6×6 pieces for FRACTURED MINDS @111minnagallery – This is not the “Intimates II” series…that is for a show down the road that I’ll be doing with @rat136


Trying to forget my responsibilities.

Cock & Balls

COCK & BALLS A piece from last year that I reworked/modified for the SOVEREIGN INK group show opening this Saturday at The Arsenal, San Jose, Ca. My studio is across the street…so I guess I have no excuse not to be there.  


Work In Progress bullshit for the FRACTURED MINDS show at 111 Minna Gallery. 1 Month to go.


WORK IN PROGRESS:  Editorial I’m working on tonight.  I’m hungry…and I want to sleep.

Who Run Bartertown?

My last contribution to the SCUMDANCE show…opening tomorrow.  I had one more penciled of Gogo fr Kill Bill, but ran out of time.  I’ll save that for the next one. 


pardeemonster: “SCUMDANCE: Celebrating the Villainous Scum Of The Silver Screen”, a brand new art show featuring over 100 new paintings and drawings by Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Jon Wayshak, Matt136, Chloe Rice, Robert Bowen, Vic Back, Skinner & Austen Stanton opens THIS FRIDAY JAN 18th At Blonde Grizzly Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT. HUGE PREVIEW […]

Casey’s Dad

Some weird monster sketch that looks more like a pissed-off beaver on steroids. Which is a term we used to describe this one guy’s dad in junior high.