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Cock & Balls

COCK & BALLS A piece from last year that I reworked/modified for the SOVEREIGN INK group show opening this Saturday at The Arsenal, San Jose, Ca. My studio is across the street…so I guess I have no excuse not to be there.  

The Trilogy: Part I

Last piece for the “Trilogy”.  Showing at Glitch Gallery along with a slew of my most recent work.  It’s out in Richmond, Virginia.  It’s rare that my work makes it out to that part of the country, so if you can check it out, please do.  Opens tonight at 8pm. 


Work in Progress: Another new piece for the upcoming @glitchgallery show.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-08-10

Goddamn it!  Woke up helluva late.  Here’s “TROUBLEMAKER”.  More of a description than a title. 

By WAY$HAK on 2012-08-10

Now this is just silly. Broke two pen nibs in the last couple of hours.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-07-12

Sometimes you can’t control yrself, and this is one of those times.  Went absolutely apeshit on the linework on this one.  It’s for my friend Sean, and he LOVES the Creature fr the Black Lagoon. 

By WAY$HAK on 2012-05-29

Procrastinating. Doodling. Whatever you want to call it.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-05-21

“God’s Children Lie at the Edge of Extinction”16”x20”Ink w/Gouache My contribution for the “Wild at Heart” exhibition, opening this Saturday at Thinkspace Gallery, HelLA, Ca. 

By WAY$HAK on 2012-05-17

Work In Progress: Slinging some ink for the Wild At Heart show over at Thinkspace Gallery in HelLa. Opening next week.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-05-07

I have the weirdest boner for Alex Pardee