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Watecolor Days

An old watercolor sketch I found while digging through some files on the computer. I’m not sure what happened to the original

Gahhh yyyyy

Spent WAY too much time on this one. I was suppose to be doing some sketching, then started obsessing over it, and it turned into this.

An Armless, Legless Girl…

I’ve really been enjoying working in the sketchbook lately. Wish I could do some more, but I got other things I gotta get to. And a big shoutout to Mr. Miles Ritchie for helping prep my warez for the upcoming Comic-Con.


More sketchbookin’.


I’m recycling! A dirty sketch of my favorite dirty girl, Harley Quinn. Messing around w/some scrap paper that’s been floating around my studio.

Lines, Lines, Lines

Did a little bit of doodling to warm up this morning. I’ll be getting back to this later.

Tuff Titty

Sketch fr yesterday. Still busy drawing them comic pages. 5.5×5.9 inches.

Drawing for Vince

I did this on some scrap of paper I used for some kind of watercolor test fr a few years back. That’s where most of the color is from. Generic cybernetically enhanced chick from the future. Typical comic book bullshit.


Sketch from this morning. Redheads rule. 5×7 inches.

Redheads Rule!

What we have here is another preliminary sketch for that project I’m doing with Attaboy. Still working things out.