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Watecolor Days

An old watercolor sketch I found while digging through some files on the computer. I’m not sure what happened to the original


Hitting the sketchbook while waiting for stuff to dry.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-04-21

Cheep Cheep art for sale tomorrow at SJMADE. Check out the booth from THE ARSENAL. This and other affordable pieces fr some talented peeps for sale.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-04-11

Another editorial illustration. Wanted to see how far I could push the ink and wash technique on this one. Or maybe I was too lazy to fully paint the whole illustration. Makes you wonder…

By WAY$HAK on 2012-02-08

Killing time before I head home.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-02-03

Another one of them sketches fr the other night.

By WAY$HAK on 2012-01-03

TITLE:  My Enemy is Me. MEDIA:  Watercolor/Gouache/Ink SIZE:  9×12 SKILL:  None  STORY:   A couple of weeks ago on twitter I said I’d give a sketch to the first person to say “HI.” Instead of one sketch, it turned into five. This is the last one.

By WAY$HAK on 2011-12-23

Spreading some Xmas cheer with a few sketches for friends.

By WAY$HAK on 2011-12-16

Phase III:  The finished piece. I don’t know what the pigs are about. Ask Sam.

By WAY$HAK on 2011-12-16

Phase 2. Working on Phase 3 after coffee and donuts. 

By WAY$HAK on 2011-12-16

Here’s a little something Sam gave me to work on this morning. More later… (Taken with instagram)

By WAY$HAK on 2011-12-14

Last sketch for today. Going home to play with the cat.