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Got crusty w/these ones. Drawings of the Joker & Ms. Harleen Quinzel on a couple of “Batman: The Legend” sketch cards. These are the oversized ones. About 6 inches.

A Looker

This post is for @datswestup & @themarissad , who have been asking me to draw a pretty girl. Is this good enough?

Walking DooDoo

Another WALKING DEAD sketch card. About 2.5″x 3.5″. They’re small and a lot fun to make.

Walking Dead – Take II

1 of only 15 sketch cards I did for the new @cryptozoic WALKING DEADtrading card set, due out June 5th. My cards are the rarest of this set.

Batman vs Joker – Sketch Cards

More “SKETCH CARD” madness.  These are the Oversized sketch cards (6”x4”) for the new DC Comics Batman: Legends cardset fr Cryptozoic Ent.  Each one is an original, one of a kind piece of art that is part of a give away for the set…ask Cryptozoic about it.  BUT, if you are looking for a sketch, […]

By WAY$HAK on 2012-07-13

My last Walking Dead Sketch Card – 2.5” x 3.5”.  It’s a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive and Cryptozoic entertainment will be GIVING IT AWAY at some point during the Kahn.  Since this was my final card, just to make it a little special, I painted it w/gouache. 

By WAY$HAK on 2012-07-01

A bunch of them #walkingdead sketch cards I did for @cryptozoic Catch em’ all. 

We Are the Walking Dead

1 of 48 “Sketch Cards” I did for the Official Walking Dead trading card set. Basically, I did 48 original pieces of art. They are inserted into random packs of cards, and if yr lucky, you’ll get one.