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DEVO Year 2

It’s been 2 years since DEVOLUTION #1 was released. It was definitely one hell of a ride working w/Rick Remender & Jordan Boyd. Thanx dudes, it was fun.


Another page fr DEVOLUTION. I gotta get these pages out of the studio and back into storage.

Run Gil, Run!

A “nekid” page fr DEVOLUTION #5. Blue pencils, whiteout, warts, and all. In stores today!

Devolution #5

Finally! DEVOLUTION #5 is in stores tomorrow! Check it out. Gil finds himself in some deep shit. Cover by Jae Lee.


Some random images fr DEVOLUTION. Issue 3 is in stores right now.

D3V0 1N$@N1tY

Everybody in DEVOLUTION is fucking insane.


“Naked” pg fr DEVOLUTION. Pencils & white paint for all to see. I like it dirty.

It’s Out!

The positivity & good vibes towards DEVOLUTION has been amazing & greatly appreciated. Thank you everybody. The best is yet to come.

Absolutely Filthy

A look at some down & dirty DEVOLUTION pgs before they are made all pretty by Rick Remender’s words & Jordan Boyd’s colors


Going through the flat file where big ol’ comic pages like these go to die.


More nonsense fr that wacky DEVOLUTION comic book.

By WAY$HAK on 2015-09-10

Working my way through “DEVOLUTION” w/Rick Remender. Can’t wait for you all to check it out.