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Happy Batman

My annual holiday gift for @milesritchie . It’s either this or a $10 Taco Bell gift card. I decided give him this crap and keep the $10.

Halo: Atriox #3

Yo! It’s in stores now fr those fine folks fr Dark Horse Comics

Halo: Atriox #3

Decimus says, “GGEZ”. Halo: Atriox #3 is finally in stores. Noobs git rekt!

HellBeezy for The Cartoon Art Museum

My Hellboy piece for The Cartoon Art Museum benefit in San Francisco. All money supports this fine establishment. So please show them some love. Check out the auction.

Stained #5 – Variant Cover

Variant cover for Stained #5. Ask yr local comic book guy about it and maybe he can get you one.

COD:Zombies #5

COD:Zombies #5 in stores now! One more issue to go.

COD:Zombies #3

Every once in a while, I’ll draw a somewhat attractive girl. COD:Zombies #3 in stores now.

Wildstorm for Life!

Now here’s some ancient history. Fr back in the days when I did comics for Wildstorm. This is the underdrawing for the cover of Ferryman #3. I really enjoyed this series and always hoped we’d do another one, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Shall I Call You “Logan”, Weapon X?

Weapon X drawing I did for Miles Ritchie because it’s cheaper than having to go out and actually buy him something.


Another page fr DEVOLUTION. I gotta get these pages out of the studio and back into storage.

Tales from Slipspace

For a few years, I played a very small part in the production of several Halo commercials starting with Halo 3. I used to do the initial story sketches for each of the spots. I worked on Reach, ODST, and Halo 3&4. The funny thing is the only Halo game I’ve ever played is Halo […]